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This page aims to offer opportunities to learn and develop skills that support good practice in the early years.

We offer both face to face and virtual training through our training planner below and you can also find more opportunities to learn in our virtual learning section.

  • It is the responsibility of the attendee to supply an email address and be aware of the reasons for this and agree to data to be used. Please ensure that details are kept up to date, all correspondence will be sent via email.
  • If you need to cancel a booking, this must be completed within 48 hours before the course start date and time. This can be done via email to [email protected]. This is to ensure that we accommodate anyone on the waiting list and trainers receive the updated attendance list in order to prepare for the session.
  • Booking fees are non-refundable. For events that have course fees, refunds will only be considered if notification of cancellation is received 48 hours prior to the course start date and time. 

Please read our terms and conditions in full before booking on any event.  

Child wearig winter clothing explores the snow

All our safeguarding courses are in line with the new categories outlined in the Standards and once completed each participant will receive a certificate with the category and topics covered listed. Further changes made to the National Minimum Standards will be reflected as required with a top up session. This top up session will be free of charge to those who have attended training of any of the safeguarding categories.

All staff must attend safeguarding training suitable to their role and all new requirements concerning the required Safeguarding training must be met by end of November 2024. It will be the responsibility of the person attending the training to produce the certificate and workbook containing the evidence that has been covered to CIW at inspection.

Safeguarding - Category B - NEW DATE

- New Pathways

The aim of this course is to ensure participants know what to look for and have a clear knowledge of the reporting process and their own responsibilities.

£30 members / £60 non members

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Safeguarding – Category C - NEW DATE

- New Pathways

The aim of this advanced level session is to familiarise participants with what happens and ensure they are able to take part in each of the safeguarding stages after a safeguarding report has been made.

This is an advanced level and learners will need to have completed categories A&B or previous safeguarding training. The NMS requirement is that this training provides 12 hours of taught learning time. Sessions are broken up into two blocks and reflection and completion of the workbook is provided in between sessions. Both sessions need to be attended to be compliant

£45 members / £90 non members

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Through the Eyes of a Child


This webinar aims to show practitioners how to become familiar with the content of this new resource and how it can be used to support developments, appreciate that scientific research on the early years influences changes and developments on practice. It encourages practitioners to consider the very best early years practice with particular reference to the three environments.


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DARPL CPEY Practitioner Series


The DARPL CPEY Practitioner series of professional learning comprises three sessions which unpick anti-racism and explore actions that can be adapted in childcare, play work, childminding and early-years education settings


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Foundation Learning - Quiet, shy and anxious child


This session aims to introduce how to best support Quiet, Shy, and Anxious (QSA) children in the early years setting

FREE for groups offering funded Foundation Learning Nursery places (three to four year old education)

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So much change occurs between 18 months – 3-year age. Why not join us for a series of webinars that explore the world of play and what it looks like in practice for a young child between the ages of 18 months -3 years. with Nia Beynon.

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Session 1 -
Play’s the essence- how movement and play build young brains.


We will be examining the importance of incorporating active play and providing the ideal opportunities to enhance a toddler's brain development

£20 members / £35 non members

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Session 2 -
Play’s the essence- it’s a process!


Join us for an insight into the fascinating process of play. We'll be investigating new thinking and how to avoid looking at play as merely a product!

£20 members / £35 non members

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Session 3 -
Play’s the essence- enriching a space to play.


We will be focusing on the environments that provide the basis of our good practice and why our roles are so important within these environments.

£20 members / £35 non members

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Loving the language!
Feeling empowered to use Welsh and other languages


In this training session, we'll be looking at the benefits of bilingualism (and more!) and if introduced at an early stage, how this can change children's lives forever.

£20 members / £35 non members

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Leader and Manager Network

These are opportunities for leaders and managers of settings to meet online and share conversations that are important to the sector and to running and leading staff in settings around Wales. We are facilitating these opportunities to network and share conversations.


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Toddler looking at computer

Early Years Wales in conjunction with Alice Sharp Ltd are offering a unique training package designed to use as team training at your convenience. The package includes four masterclasses. These can be purchased for the special price of £80.

This will provide access to the webinars for 4 months from the date of registration and can be accessed to suit you and your team.

Session 1: Under 1s
Enriching play for under 1s. Every baby's learning journey is unique, so how do we identify strategies to ensure every baby feels like they are being listened to, considered and celebrated.
Session 2: 0-2 years
Babbling with babies and talking with toddlers. Delegates will explore simple conversation, talking for instructions, talking thoughts and complex conversation skills.
To build skills in dialogic reading and pole-bridging.
Session 3: 0-2 years
Planning and responding to under three's play. The aim of this session is to understand playfulness and how to reflect and respond to every child's engagement.
Session 4: 2 years
It's marvellous to be two. To understand and support the thinking and theory around every child's innate talents, the environment and experiences they are exposed to.

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A mug, laptop and paper sit on a desk. Text reads: Lunch and Learn

Our Lunch and Learns will return after Easter due to term time holidays and we look forward to sharing our themes in our summer planner.

Links will be sent out to Early Years Wales members the week before  


Curriculum for Wales 2022 training resources

Developed by Cwlwm, this course offers a clear and lighthearted presentation into the methodology and development of Curriculum for Wales 2022.

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Information and videos to support the journey.
The professional learning journey has been developed to help guide schools through the structural and professional learning aspects of preparing for Curriculum for Wales. It helps you find your way through the different models for professional learning, and plan your own journey 

Diversity and Anti- Racist Professional Learning

DARPL brings together a diverse team of providers with lived and professional experience through a professional learning and resource hub with a Welsh perspective in raising a multi- disciplinary racial consciousness, as we work together within the new Curriculum for Wales.

Professional learning for those working in education to develop an understanding and development of anti- racist practice

Foundation Phase professional learning modules

A suite of modules designed to assist Foundation Phase practitioners to reflect on practice and provision in the following areas: Outdoor learning; Child development; Transitions; Observation; Play and play-based learning; Authentic and purposeful learning. The suite also contains an Introduction manual, which will need to be understood before undertaking the learning in the modules, as well as a frequently asked questions guide.
Prevent Training 
This resource consists of 4 short videos (by Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales) to raise awareness and understanding of the Prevent Duty in Wales. The statutory guidance refers to the importance of Prevent awareness training to equip staff to identify children at risk of being drawn into terrorism and to challenge extremist ideas.

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