Workforce Development

Early Years Wales aims to support the workforce to gain the skills that are needed to progress in a childcare career and access employment opportunities through quality professional development opportunities.

Workforce Development I Datblygu’r gweithlu

We aim to support key areas of development in:

  • knowledge – updating knowledge in practice and organisation specific developments
  • skills – demonstrable application of knowledge and the use of skills in workplace situations
  • behaviours – demonstrable use of appropriate values, conduct and relationship skills in workplace situations
  • self-assessment and reflective practice – review and reflect using feedback on learning and development activities

For further guidance on the supervision process, please refer to the Social Care Wales's A guide to supervising and appraising well

Learner Resource

Recording your learning is important because it ensures you can demonstrate your continuous professional development and highlight how you continue to be competent in your profession.

The below form has been designed to help you keep a record of the course and skills developed when you have completed any form of learning

File CPD Learner Record Form468.28 KB
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Wherever you are located, Early Years Wales aims to have an office near you. If you require our support, feel free to give us a call where we can discuss your query or arrange for one of our support staff to meet with you.

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