Healthy and Active Funded Welsh Active Early Years

Over the last four years, Early Years Wales has successfully led a Healthy and Active funded project to help raise activity levels in early years children.

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The project, intended to create resources and learning opportunities, shared with parents and early years staff to promote the benefits of physical activity for children from birth to 5-years of age.

As we conclude the funded programme, we are proud to share our summary report. This report highlights the outputs, successes, and areas we are developing to take the project forwards.

The full Healthy and Active Fund report is available on request.

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We wanted to provide the inspiration to help adults plan for daily movement opportunities utilising free, or very low-cost materials to ensure that children, right from birth, are offered the opportunities to explore movement to maximise their immediate, and long-term health.

In so doing, research informs us that the children will experience the right movements, at the right time to aid their long-term development and contribute to the development of a well-balanced child who is best placed to build on their experiences in social and educational contexts.

Through this project, our staff have produced the following high-quality training resources:

  • Active Baby at Home
  • Active Together Wales
  • Active Baby and You
  • Play Move Thrive
  • Active Baby at Home - Train the Trainer

Our training and impact have been significant, with positive feedback received from all training provided. We've included just a few examples below, from the numerous positive responses received across Wales.

"Absolutely fantastic. I've been to lots of baby groups, and interestingly, this one is definitely the best even though it's the only one that is free. It is so informative, I've learned so much and it's really given me confidence in knowing how to interact with my baby. The videos and cards have been really interesting, I've loved making sensory items for my baby, learning new songs, ways to play, games to stimulate my baby and meeting parents in the same boat. I wish everyone had access to this course, it should be mandatory once you leave hospital with your baby, it is so helpful! I left every single session with a buzz and fizzing with ideas to do at home. I'm so sad it's over but at least I can take the fantastic ideas with me and use them for many years to come."

“It has been great learning how to be active with my baby, especially as a first-time mum”

“Meeting new parents and their babies has helped me so much”

“I have enjoyed all the sessions, particularly the activities and items you can make to help your baby's movement”

“All parents who came to the group said that they now feel more confident to do tummy time more often at home”

If you would like to find out more about our ongoing physical literacy work and the training we offer then please join us on Tuesday September 26th from 2.00 – 3.30 for our webinar 'Movement Matters: holistic child development through the lens of physical development.'

For more information please contact [email protected]

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