Important: Childcare Offer for Wales

Confirm your agreements before 13th January. 


Childcare Offer for Wales

Provider of the Childcare Offer for Wales? If you’re aware that parents wishing to receive the Offer via your childcare setting haven’t submitted or had their agreement confirmed by you, remind them to do so by midday on 13 January.

To receive Childcare Offer for Wales payments for care provided from w/c 9 January 2023, you will need to have:

  1. Registered your setting online and been approved by your local authority.
  2. Activated your online account.
  3. Confirmed online Agreements submitted by parents. To do this, sign in to your account and view your dashboard. Further information is available here.

If Agreements with new parents have not been confirmed by midday 13 January 2023, childcare provided during w/c 9 January will not be funded by the Childcare Offer.

If you are aware of parents who wish to receive the Childcare Offer but have not yet submitted an online Agreement, please remind them that this must be submitted and confirmed by you.

To claim payments, you will need follow these simple steps.

  • Sign in to your account
  • Access your timesheets and input Booked and Actual Hours (see below)
  • Review and submit for payment
  • Receive your payment reference
  • Receive your payment within 3 working days (depending on your bank’s processes)
  • Receive remittance advice by email

Agreement Hours are the maximum number of hours a parent will need in any one week. These hours will be pre-populated into timesheets.

Booked Hours are the hours the parent books from week to week within that maximum. Settings will always be paid on Booked Hours. In the interests of transparency, parents will be able to view the Booked Hours for which the setting claims.

Actual Hours are the hours the child actually attended.

More detailed guidance is available here. Training videos are available here.

Please note, payment claims for those in receipt of the Offer prior to 9 January 2023 should be made via the old local authority system 

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