Early Years Wales Lead and Inspire Network - bringing leaders and aspiring leaders together

On the 26th of April Early Years Wales hosted its second Lead and Inspire network event for members, aiming to support a peer-peer group of leaders who are looking to make their settings and early years spaces places of excellence.

bringing leaders and aspiring leaders together to support, challenge and innovation in early years p

The meeting was led by Glenda Dudley and Wendy Thomas from the Learning Partnership Wales and provided a great insight into the curriculum for Wales. This meeting provided a fantastic opportunity for leaders to explore some of the challenges and opportunities; alongside discussions that will enable them to lead and manage successful change with their teams. Wendy and Glenda’s insight and knowledge into critical changes to planning led to some interesting conversations and supported participants to Identify ways in which the enabling adult and the effective environment will contribute to the success of the new curriculum. With a pedagogical approach, participants are provided with time to construct, collaborate, Integrate, reflect and engage with ideas in an active way, instead of sitting and listening.

Each meeting is led by the Learning Partnership Wales and is hosted online. There is still time to join the following touch point meetings and inform on future topics, as these are to be decided on a dynamic and responsive training input from attendees, allowing the sessions to meet the identified needs of the attendees and support their practice.

For more information or an informal chat to see if this is for you, please email:

Touchpoint 3

  • 14th June 2022

Touchpoint 4

  • 14th July 2022

Touchpoint 5

  • 14th September 2022

Touchpoint 6

  • 24th November 2022

Touchpoint 7

  • 18th January 2023

The Early Years Wales Lead and Inspire Network is free for all members to be part of. 

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