Early Childhood Play, Learning, and Care (ECPLC)

In 2019, the Welsh Government committed to working towards an Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) model.

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The ECEC is an internationally recognised approach aiming to increase the equity between education and care, create a shared understanding of the child and their needs, and create a more seamless pathway to support a child's development.

During the last year Early Years Wales has been engaged in developmental discussions within wider stakeholder groups, and the Welsh Government, to update and refresh the ECEC approach in Wales. In line with other policy developments, in Wales this model of working with children aged 0-5 will be called Early Childhood Play, Learning, and Care (ECPLC).

The ECPLC approach will support practitioners to consider their practice and the ECPLC Quality Framework aims to support practitioners, leaders, schools, LA's and parents with a shared understanding of the various requirements needed to provide high quality childcare, learning and play for children in early years.

The ECPLC documents below are available from the Welsh Government:

On Thursday 28th September 18:00- 19:00, Early Years Wales hosted a professional conversation with David Dallimore and Rhiannon Page, Welsh Government to outline more about the ECPLC approaches, how the framework aligns with other curricula and professional frameworks, and the opportunities available to members to help the Welsh Government shape the future direction of this policy implementation.

If you were unable to join us, please download the presentation below:

Resources September 2023

To discuss any issues around ECPLC please contact Dave Goodger, CEO, Early Years Wales.

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