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Early Years Wales in conjunction with Alice Sharp ltd are offering a unique training package designed to use as team training at your convivence.

Toddler and baby lying side by side, the toddler looks at the baby
Thursday, 1 August, 2024 - 00:00



Anyone working with babies, toddlers and our youngest children.

The package includes four masterclasses:

Session 1: Under 1s

Enriching play for under 1s. Every baby's learning journey is unique, so how do we identify strategies to ensure every baby feels like they are being listened to, considered and celebrated.

Session 2: 0-2 years

Babbling with babies and talking with toddlers. Delegates will explore simple conversation, talking for instructions, talking thoughts and complex conversation skills. To build skills in dialogic reading and pole-bridging.

Session 3: 0-2 years

Planning and responding to under three's play. The aim of this session is to understand playfulness and how to reflect and respond to every child's engagement.

Session 4: 2 years

It's marvellous to be two. To understand and support the thinking and theory around every child's innate talents, the environment and experiences they are exposed to.

These can be purchased for the special price of £80. That's less than £30 per webinar. Once purchased these can be accessed to suit you and your team over the 4-month window.

Click register and complete checkout, you will receive a link to a document with further instructions on how to access the training.

Alternatively, once your purchase is complete return to your account page by clicking on My Account on the top right of your screen and select the Files tab. You will see a file titled "Alice Sharp Online Training Registration Details - Manylion Cofrestru Hyfforddiant Ar-lein Alice Sharp". 

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