Camau FAQ

Camau is the bespoke Work Welsh scheme for the early years, childcare and playwork sectors, developed by National Centre for Learning Welsh.

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Camau is fully funded by Welsh Government for all early years, childcare and playwork practitioners meaning it will always be completely free to those working in those sectors.

Each 10 unit course takes approximately 20 hours to complete or a maximum of 10 weeks, dependant on the prior language level of the learner. Learners MUST complete at least one unit per week but those with prior Welsh language skills may complete a number of units a week

There are 7 courses available;

  • Early Years Entry 1 North (Units 1-10)
  • Early Years Entry 1 South (Units 1-10)
  • Early Years Entry 2 North (Units 11-20)
  • Early Years Entry 2 South (Units 11-20)
  • Early Years Entry 3 North (Units 21-30)
  • Early Years Entry 3 South (Units 21-30)
  • Playwork Entry 1 (Units 1-10)
  • Playwork Entry 2 (Units 11-20)

Foundation level and Confidence Building courses will be launched in 2023.

Being bespoke to the early years, childcare and playwork sectors and developed by practitioners and tutors with first hand experience, the language taught is centred around language used throughout daily practices in settings. 

The National Centre for Learning Welsh have a number of free short taster sessions, one of which has been tailored the early years, childcare and playwork sectors called ‘Information about the Welsh Language’.

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