Employer Resource Pack (Sample)

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The Early Years Wales Employer Resource Pack has been updated and improved to support members with:

  • Recruitment
  • Appraisals and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Students and volunteer work experience

Each pack contains downloadable guides and example forms to guide you through the processes you need to follow to protect the children in your care, your organisation and your staff. 

Recruitment (£8)

All employers whether in private business, voluntary organisations or registered charities need to develop a sound recruitment and selection process.

The following can be found in this pack:

  • Staff files checklist
  • Cover letter, application form & recruitment monitoring letter
  • Recruitment procedure
  • Confirmation of right to work in the UK & ID check
  • Reference request form
  • Declaration of health
  • Individual DBS
  • DBS group records
  • Staff induction checklist
  • Probationary appraisal
  • Return to work interview form

Appraisals and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) (£6)

All practitioners, whether they are full, part-time, volunteers, apprentices or work placement students need supervision and appraisal. A structured process along with programmes for professional development, plays a significant part in the retention and well-being of staff and the quality of provision.

The following forms are part of this pack:

  • Support/supervision meeting notes
  • Performance appraisal and development
  • Staff training record
  • CPD record

Work experience (£4)

Additional forms you may find useful to use when you have students and volunteers:

  • Student/volunteer record
  • Volunteer work experience

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