What is...phishing, vishing and smishing?!

This link is perfectly safe to follow, it's aim is to raise awareness of suspicious looking emails or spam links on your social media feeds.

Action Fraud

If you have arrived here via our twitter and facebook posts, then "welcome"! Lately, there has been an increase lately in the number of spam emails across the internet that are trying to lure people to click on links contained in the mails.

The emails and links can be disguised to look like official correspondence but it's often quite obvious they are 'dodgy'. If you receive unsolicited or suspicious looking emails don't get curious, you can mark the mail as spam and then delete it. If one is opened then please do not click any links or visit any suggested websites listed in these mails. Doing so could compromise the security of your computer and it's files or allow hackers to phish for information that could be used fraudulently or for identity theft.

It's not just emails. There are threats when using social media as well. Please be vigilant and treat anything unusual with suspicion.
There is a good article on the subject here (This link is safe to open) https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/fraud-az-vishing
It might give some extra tips on what to look out for. For more info on the essentials of cyber security read our autumn 2017 edition of smallta
lk (pg 13 - 18). For a copy of the article email: [email protected] or tel: 029 2045 1242

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