New legislation preventing the physical punishment of children

CWLWM welcomes new legislation preventing the physical punishment of children

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‘Cwlwm’ (the Welsh childcare and play organisations partnership) extends its congratulations to the Welsh Government on the passing of the Children (Abolition of Defence of Reasonable Punishment) (Wales) Bill; a piece of legislation which will ensure that children in Wales have the same rights as adults in terms of protection from physical abuse or punishment. For many years Mudiad Meithrin, Early Years Wales, Pacey Cymru, Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids’ Clubs and NDNA Cymru, along with other Welsh organisations and bodies, have supported this campaign.

As organisations working on behalf of children and promoting children’s rights, we are pleased to see Wales taking this bold step; and in doing so ensuring that children have the same right to be protected from physical abuse as every other member of society.

The ‘Cwlwm’ organisations assist the Welsh Government in ensuring that families the length and breadth of Wales can access affordable, quality child care and play opportunities, meeting the needs of parents and families and ensuring the best possible outcomes for children and their families throughout Wales.

Leading and supporting children as they develop their skills, knowledge of the world and understanding of relationships is an integral part of our work. Practitioners and volunteers in play and childcare settings nationwide are able to teach and model positive behaviour by demonstrating care, empathy, patience and respect.  These are the qualities and behaviours which create the most loving and positive environment for children, both within their homes and within our services.

According to Eleri Griffiths, Mudiad Meithrin’s Policy Manager:

“Supporting parents and carers in raising their children is an important part of the care and play sector’s work, and we are proud to offer supportive services which encourage strong attachment, happy experiences and time for parents, carers and children to enjoy each other’s company. The Cwlwm organisations are proud to continue with our work of offering parents and carers affirmative methods and ideas on how to raise and support children.”

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