National Minimum Standards Member Q&A

Following the changes to the National Minimum Standards for Regulated Childcare (NMS), Early Years Wales hosted a member event in July

Child in blue coat and jeans playing hopscotch that has been drawn on the floor with chalk. Child is mid leap with his right foot in the air.

During the discussion about the changes to the NMS a number of questions were asked that we have subsequently sought to clarify with the Welsh Government, and through the wider stakeholders who contribute to the early years sector in Wales.

Published below is a document responding to these lines of enquiry.

The themes include:

  • First Aid requirements,
  • safeguarding,
  • childminding queries,
  • staff ratios.

The document is written to help with understanding some of the key changes. We advise all staff working in the sector to read the NMS and understand what this asks of you and your provision in practice.

PDF icon National Minimum Standards Member Q&A307.29 KB

Our regional teams are happy to help with any specific enquiries that you remain uncertain about, or would like to clarify.

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