Childcare and Playwork Practitioner Covid-19 Survey (16/04/2020)

Cwlwm is collecting information on behalf of Welsh Government to identify Childcare Practitioners and Playwork Practitioners from Childcare Settings who may be currently laid off or furloughed, who would potentially be willing to join a bank of voluntary/paid, suitably qualified staff to work in Childcare Settings elsewhere.

CWLWM Covid 19 Survey

Cwlwm would like to take the opportunity to recognise and thank Childcare and Playwork staff and settings for their support, commitment and hard work in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Childcare and Playwork Practitioners provide a vital service in keeping the country working enabling Critical Workers to work and ensuring that vulnerable children can access childcare during the Covid-19 outbreak is essential.

The Cwlwm partnership brings together the five leading childcare organisations in Wales to deliver a bilingual integrated service that ensures the best possible outcomes for children and families across Wales within the Welsh Government's ‘whole-system’ approach.

We are collecting information, in partnership with Play Wales, Local Authorities and Social Care Wales,  on behalf of The  Welsh Government, to identify Childcare  and Playwork Practitioners who may be currently temporarily laid off (typically this would be for new employees who don’t have the requisite service for their employer to be able to claim for them under the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme - CJRS), or where the employer has significant cashflow issues and cannot afford to pay employees now whilst waiting for Government reimbursement under the CJRS, or furloughed, who would potentially be willing to join a bank of voluntary/paid, suitably qualified Childcare and Playwork staff to work in Childcare Settings elsewhere.

You should only complete this survey if you are interested in potentially joining a bank of staff that may be deployed.  It is likely you will be contacted about this by Welsh Government or your local authority. Responding to this expression of interest does not guarantee or commit you to taking up a voluntary placement/employment.

Your participation in this research is completely voluntary. In addition, your views and experiences are important in order to help inform Welsh Government policies. Please see the important information below including our privacy notice.

Click the link below to complete the survey. 

The survey is being redistributed in view of the most up to date situation, current availability of childcare across Wales and following the coronavirus job retention scheme announcement and emerging rules around furloughing staff along with the covid 19 Self-Emplotment income support scheme. For more information, please refer to the document below. 

Please bear with us and note that constantly changing circumstances e.g. provision available through school hubs and the advice and guidance on Covid-19 may negate the need for this information.

The Welsh Government are the data controller for the research. The Welsh Government and your local authority will receive a copy of the data collected by Cwlwm.

The information collected during the project may be included in a report published on the Welsh Government website and possibly in other publications Cwlwm and Welsh Government, although this would not include any identifiable information.

The contact for this research at Cwlwm is Jane O’Toole

E-mail address:            [email protected]
Telephone number:      029 2074 1000


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