Policy Pack (Sample)

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The Early Years Wales Policies and Procedures Pack has been updated and improved to support members with:

Each pack contains downloadable guides and example forms to guide you through the processes you need to follow to protect the children in your care, your organisation and your staff.

Included in the packs which are available separately or as a complete pack:

Operating procedures (£5)

The following can be found in this pack:

  • Operational plan
  • Sample Contract between Provision and Parents and Registration Form
  • Statement of purpose (Information about your provision)

Admissions and Children's Safety (£5) - Currently unavailable

The following can be found in this pack:

  • Admissions, arrivals and collections, lost or missing policy and procedure
  • Behaviour management and anti-bullying policy and procedure (including anti-bullying)
  • Child protection and safeguarding policy and procedure
  • Medication authorisation form and record
  • Medication policy and procedure (including treatment of asthma and any ongoing medical conditions)

Equality and Participation (£5) - Currently unavailable

The following can be found in this pack:

  • Children's participation policy and procedure
  • Complaints procedure and children's complaints procedure
  • Privacy and confidentiality policy and procedure
  • Equality and inclusion (including additional learning needs/special educational needs) policy and procedure
  • Parental involvement policy and procedure

Premises and safety (£5)

The following can be found in this pack:

  • Food, drinks and healthy eating policy and procedure
  • Health and hygiene policy and procedure
  • Health and safety (environment) and emergency evacuation policy and procedure
  • Play equipment and resources policy and procedure
  • Premises and equipment, health and safety checklist

Welsh culture and environment (£5)

The following can be found in this pack:

  • Looking after our environment policy and procedure
  • Outings planning, risk assessment and review forms (To support the outings policy and procedure.)
  • Outings policy and procedure
  • Use of electronic equipment, media and publicity policy and procedure
  • Welsh language policy and procedure

Complete Pack (£20)

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