Understanding Neurodiversity in Early Childhood

This online webinar introduces neurodiversity in an accessible way and provides key strategies that can be translated to practice

Child wearing a navy and blue striped shirt is playing with a set of wooden rings
Tuesday, 7 November, 2023 - 17:30 to 19:00


  • Childcare workforce,
  • Nursery managers,
  • Nursery workers,
  • Childmindersand childminder assistants
  • nannies,
  • named individual who has responsibility for ALN in the setting.

In recent years, there has been a raised awareness of neurodiversity and how understanding developmental differences (neurodivergence) can help us move away from traditional deficit narratives that view children as problems to be fixed or cured.

Educators are increasingly interested in developing strengths-basedapproaches that are empowering for children identified with additional learningneeds (ALN) in the early years.

Our current education system favours children with typical minds and able bodies (known as ableism), meaning that children whose development is different do not always develop a sense of belonging.

Divergent development is often absent from our frameworks or viewed as a deficit or "red flag". Here we will unpick what this means for our practice and how we might challenge this to become more inclusive.

Across this online seminar, you will learn about the following:
  • Understanding ableism and neurodiversity
  • Developing Divergent Pathways of Development
  • We will explore how we can develop confidence with the development that diverges from typical "milestones" and begin to honour learning differences.
  • We will focus on communication & interaction and the social, emotional and wellbeing of our emerging neurodivergent and disabled children.

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