Safeguarding – Category A (Introductory Level)

The aim of this introductory level course is to ensure anyone working within early years is aware of the different aspects and requirements of safeguarding children in Wales – ensuring their well-being and protecting them from harm, the duty to report any concerns and the need for following procedures.

Summer Training Planner - Children wearing helmets riding bikes
Tuesday, 6 June, 2023 - 09:30 to 12:30



Upon completion of the course all participants will be aware of

  • the Wales Safeguarding Procedures and key safeguarding terms
  • the need to be child-centred in safeguarding
  • potential indicators of abuse, neglect, and harm, including Abuse: Physical, Sexual, Domestic, Emotional Neglect: Physical, Emotional, Medical, Nutritional, Supervisory, Educational, Identity
  • their duty to report – when and how to deal with a protection suspicion, concern, or disclosure, including record keeping, sharing information, and making reports

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